Hieronymus XXI: Gestas (the impenitent thief). Woodblock relief print inspired by one of the grotesque faces in the early 16th century Hieronymus Bosch studio painting "Christ Carrying the Cross" at the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium. This gentleman, "Gestas, the impenitent thief", was crucified on the cross to the left alongside Jesus. Hanging on the cross, Gestas cynically challenged Jesus by asking: "Are you not the Messiah? Then save yourself and us". Finally all three got killed but because Gestas didn't ask for mercy he descended after the crucifixion party straight to hell, for eternal suffering between demons and devils during his complete afterlife, as a damned soul and a condemned sinner. 

Relief fine art blockprint on archival, acid-free BFK Rives 210gr cotton paper with deckled edges. Printed traditionally by hand on a 19th century iron handpress with oil-based ink on dampened paper at Atelier Desmyter. Paper size 65 cm x 50 cm (25 1/2 inch x 20 inch), block size 50 cm x 35 cm (20 inch x 13 3/4 inch). Limited edition of 40 prints, signed and numbered by artist in pencil (© 2013 Hieronymus XXI). 

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